Posted by: colclock | April 29, 2019

Ballingtons win team prize at Monthly IOM racing.

On a glorious afternoon, eight skippers competed for the first race of the Club IOM summer league. This has been brought forward 1 week from the first weekend in May due to the numbers on holiday next weekend. Darin using the refurbished outboard motor, on the dinghy, switched the buoys from an east west course to a west east course. Colin triumphed on a Britpop after all his recent practice with his awkward DF95, benefiting from his new A rig, which he had just collected. The close results between Rob and Emily may be partly due to the generous handicap enjoyed by Emily. She only had to go round once with her tricky little DF65, rather than twice like everyone else. Penelope, sailing a Widget very gracefully, will be one to watch in future, only just behind Tracey sailing a full Britpop.

The Johnson’s managed a creditable seventh and eighth. Interestingly there were no breakdowns or lost boats with everyone completing every race. The best team prize therefore goes to Emily, Penelope and Tracey Ballington.

Hope to see as many as possible on Wednesday. Colin


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