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Sunday Summer sailing resumes

From our scorer, Mike Weeks:

Over 5 races through the winter 2018/2019 the winner is Colin, second Rob and third Nancy. Well done all three of you.

C WALTON           432 POINTS


N JOHNSON         237

J SMITH                222

G WHALLEY         208

G BOX                  195

M WALLER           150

R JOHNSON         137

D BUTTRESS        79

M WEEKS              56

R HUDSON            33

Really enjoyed it. Subject to agreement the first Sunday of the Club Summer IOM series is this weekend 7th April. I am hoping that we can put in a little effort towards the club working party on Saturday 6th. We can discuss what works best tomorrow, Wednesday. Hoping Bill and Sandra can make it back on the water with the warmer weather. Also a stupendous club effort in the District IOM winter series.


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Winner of The Vic Cooney Trophy for Veterans

Darin drove us both down to Guildford on Sunday for the Mermaid Trophy, which is for Marbleheads. Guildford is always a tricky lake for wind shifts, due to the surrounding trees. Darin flagged in the afternoon coming second behind Peter Stollery. Your correspondent benefited, mastering the unpredictable changes in direction, over the local sailors, coming first in one race and finishing third overall, winning the Vic Cooney Veterans Trophy for the highest placed sailor over 60.

AI am convinced that the weekly practice at Manor Park is the cause for the improving performance of us all.

I have just heard from Roger Lewis at Sports England that we hear the outcome of our Jetty Grant Application after 3rd April.


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Saturday 23rd March Winter Series

1st  John Smith                 11 points

2nd Graham Whalley       15

3rd Colin Walton               24

4th Nancy Johnson           32

5th Rob Radbourne          36

6th Martin Waller             39

7th Roy Johnson                40

This does not do justice to the closeness of the racing.  Nancy sailed efficiently, coming first in one race.  John and Graham mastered the near end of the start line gaining the initial important advantage.  Martin suffered with his hidden fore deck sheet.  It was a beautiful Spring day with  a pleasant breeze providing another enjoyable day of club racing.  I hope that Mike can announce an overall winner for the Club Winter Series.

31st March, next Sunday most of us are sailing at Lincoln in The Midlands IOM at 10.00, rising early as we lose an hour.  It is a superb square piece of water without trees and islands.  Their cabin team usually supply bacon sandwiches and free coffee.  Nancy and Roy have been over to case the joint already.  Saturday 30th sailing is cancelled accordingly.  The hour change is the time that we switch to club Sunday sailing, race starts 12.00.  Wednesdays continue with club race starts at 11.00.

Saturday 6th April is the MPSC working day and we are hoping to help filling in potholes.  We have a few of our own steps to complete replacing the wooden noses with concrete.  Also we need some new felt and a few volunteers for the wooden hut roof.  I hope that we can make some headway or at least hatch a cunning plan.  As you know I am still hoping to hear favourably from Sport England about the new jetty.  Sunday offers the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race with a more mature rower participating.

Thursday 11th April finds a few of us at Sutton Coldfield from 12.00, invited by Alan Skitt, for the second stage of training round the leeward marks by John Burgoine.  It includes sandwiches and homemade cake so is a must.

Sunday 14th April brings the start of the Midlands Summer IOM series to Manor Park.  If no offers for Race Officer are received then I am happy to be PRO as long as there is some help with course setting and buoys.

We are all having a really good time sailing and the weather is never as wet as forecast.  All visitors comment on the friendly welcome.


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Club racing Sat 5th Jan 2019

6 races with 1 discard

( 1 )  Graham Whalley   =     6 points

( 2 )  Colin Walton          =     8

( 3 )  Martin Waller        =   17

( 4 )  Graham Box         =     21

( 5 )  Rob Radbourne   =     24

( 6 )  Roy Johnson        =     30

( 7 )  Nancy Johnson    =    32

Graham slid gracefully round the course in very light wind conditions, exploiting fully the lift off the bank, the wind shift by the island and the zephyrs through the middle on the run.  After her encouraging win on Wednesday, Nancy struggled to regain her early promise.  Once I get the scales back from the Midlands I think that Martin’s lighter Cantun boat will be threatening the leaders.  Darin showed us how to open the sails for the lighter airs.  Rob and Garry tussled throughout, from the far end of the start line.  Roy could get a bit closer to the start line itself.

I am looking forward to being Race Officer on Sunday 13th for the Midlands R3.  Manor Park is a fantastic venue.


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Saturday’s results 1.12.2018


A splendid days sailing with flashes of brilliance from almost everyone and some decidedly clever manoeuvring by John Smith.  Rob is the dark horse and the one to watch, coming a well deserved second.  Once Martin gets his foresail sheet sorted he will be a contender at the front again.  Garry zipped around trying all parts of the lake, perhaps using Dragon tactics.  Forget about the odd mistakes it was exciting stuff.

The Johnsons are improving rapidly and avoiding contact with the marks.  David’s yacht may need some tlc and sail tweaking.  Back on Wednesday whatever the weather as the storm fronts follow each other through.  The weather and the forecast change every day.

Hope we show them at Stanton Lakes.


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Saturday sailing 1st December

Eight boats on the water and a brilliant days sailing.  Looking forward to Wednesday starting at 11.00.  Saturday 8th is cancelled as many of us will be at Market Bosworth (Stanton Lakes) for the Midlands Round 2 IOM series on Sunday 9th December.

Detailed results to follow.  Probably John, Rob, Colin, Garry (late start), Martin (early finish), Nancy, Roy. and David.

The quality of the sailing improves all the time and all turns were taken willingly. No boat failures except for Martin’s twisted foresheet.


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