Posted by: colclock | February 18, 2020

Manor Park wins the Midlands Winter Series

I have been prompted to write this by Graham Whalley, who has triumphed across the Midlands and is now the Best Midlands IOM Skipper 2020. He attended every winter event and despite equipment and even knee failure has come good. The photo on the Midlands site shows his true grit.

The Manor Park Radio Sailing Club also wins the best Midlands Club Trophy again, occupying 10 of the top 19 places. Tracey is most definitely one to watch, powering forwards now that Darin is no longer “helping”.

Darin Ballington won the Midlands Marblehead Winter 2020 series and is now in great shape for the Marblehead Worlds at West Kirby in June.

We must be doing something right. I am so proud of our sailing strength in depth/breadth and get so much enjoyment out of it myself.

It seems that the longer sunlit days are yet to arrive. The roadway to the club is still under water, as the water level at Kings Bromley is still above 2.2 metres. More rain may be on the way. I hope that we will be back in action for 11.00 Saturday 22nd. I will let you know even if we need Wellington boots for the puddles in the potholes. Definitely no parking on the top grass at all at all.

I am informed that the Pavilion shelter is in need of repair or even replacement, having flipped again. We cannot manage without this club treasure. I am sure that it will rise again (to keep the sun off).


Posted by: colclock | January 16, 2020

Weds sailing at a high level

A great day down at the club despite the high water level. The strong gusts gave big wind shifts providing changes in position throughout the races, before we finally changed down to B suits. Lots of interest as Roy’s boat was rescued and Graham’s radio disappeared underwater alongside the jetty. Divers are now required, despite Graham trying fishing nets and hooks. Don came out first with John close behind, despite John’s emphasis on training all club skippers to provide him with more space to round the marks (rule001).

Close racing after a good start.

Nancy and Roy are going Saturday, please join them. Sunday is at Stanton Lakes for the Midlands IOM. Looking forward to next Wednesday.


Posted by: colclock | December 15, 2019

New Calendar tab

I am working on our Radio Sailing calendar linked in with the other Manor Park Sailing Club site and Rugeley Model Boating events. I have not added in the Midlands events yet as my brain has gone to jelly.

I have posted the club start time as 11.00 and endeavoured to show the change from Saturday sailing to Sundays in British Summer Time.

I have tried to add in everyone who has asked to the email updates. Please let me have your comments.


Posted by: colclock | December 3, 2019

Winter league IOM round 2

A brilliant days sailing in the cold with little wind.

Now for the big Midlands event on Sunday 8th December.

I reckon that pretty well the whole Manor Park Radio Sailing Club have either entered or are officiating.


Posted by: colclock | November 11, 2019

Wednesday 6th November

Another great days sailing. A few dedicated skippers braved the damp ground and enjoyed eight races, with close competition. Don Charlesworth has recovered his old form, now that the gooseneck to the boom is resecured to the mast. Des Barnes yacht works well.

The members present asked if we could try starting at 10.00 as this would mean that they avoided heavy traffic on the way home.

The water has dropped sufficiently for sailing to continue from the clubhouse only, today. It will be below 1.8 metres and OK by Wednesday. I have attached both River Trent level websites (in red) to the last page of our website.


Posted by: colclock | November 4, 2019

Saturday IOM racing 1st of Winter series

The potholes in the entrance roadway were brim full of water and the ground was saturated. This did not deter seven skippers from starting the first race of the Winter series. We are joined by Des Barnes who became a member during the race and so is in the results, rather slowed down by only using a B rig in A rig conditions, despite a good sailing technique. It is Des’s third visit and first time his 1 metre yacht worked enough to sail. Des’s yacht, sail number 54, is now fully operational, with new radio, winch and sail numbers. One to watch.

After a late start, Graham mastered his pink Britpop, just winning ahead of Rob and John. Nancy showed one of her flashes of brilliance to come a resounding third in one race.

I have already sent out the minutes of the AGM. Looking forward to Wednesday sailing.

Manor Park were the largest visiting club at Lincoln, out of 26 racing on Sunday, comprising, Darin, Tracey, Graham, Garry, John (with a day pass out from the restaurant) and Colin. It would be fair to say that Darin’s poorer placing was probably due to his sailing a 20 year old Widget. Or it could have been due to less practice at the club with the rest of the team.


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