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Club racing Sat 5th Jan 2019

6 races with 1 discard

( 1 )  Graham Whalley   =     6 points

( 2 )  Colin Walton          =     8

( 3 )  Martin Waller        =   17

( 4 )  Graham Box         =     21

( 5 )  Rob Radbourne   =     24

( 6 )  Roy Johnson        =     30

( 7 )  Nancy Johnson    =    32

Graham slid gracefully round the course in very light wind conditions, exploiting fully the lift off the bank, the wind shift by the island and the zephyrs through the middle on the run.  After her encouraging win on Wednesday, Nancy struggled to regain her early promise.  Once I get the scales back from the Midlands I think that Martin’s lighter Cantun boat will be threatening the leaders.  Darin showed us how to open the sails for the lighter airs.  Rob and Garry tussled throughout, from the far end of the start line.  Roy could get a bit closer to the start line itself.

I am looking forward to being Race Officer on Sunday 13th for the Midlands R3.  Manor Park is a fantastic venue.


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Saturday’s results 1.12.2018


A splendid days sailing with flashes of brilliance from almost everyone and some decidedly clever manoeuvring by John Smith.  Rob is the dark horse and the one to watch, coming a well deserved second.  Once Martin gets his foresail sheet sorted he will be a contender at the front again.  Garry zipped around trying all parts of the lake, perhaps using Dragon tactics.  Forget about the odd mistakes it was exciting stuff.

The Johnsons are improving rapidly and avoiding contact with the marks.  David’s yacht may need some tlc and sail tweaking.  Back on Wednesday whatever the weather as the storm fronts follow each other through.  The weather and the forecast change every day.

Hope we show them at Stanton Lakes.


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Saturday sailing 1st December

Eight boats on the water and a brilliant days sailing.  Looking forward to Wednesday starting at 11.00.  Saturday 8th is cancelled as many of us will be at Market Bosworth (Stanton Lakes) for the Midlands Round 2 IOM series on Sunday 9th December.

Detailed results to follow.  Probably John, Rob, Colin, Garry (late start), Martin (early finish), Nancy, Roy. and David.

The quality of the sailing improves all the time and all turns were taken willingly. No boat failures except for Martin’s twisted foresheet.


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Marbleheads, steps and the cold.

I attach the results of the small Midlands Marblehead competition, which is covered on the Midlands website as well.

The competition was three way between John Smith, Mike Weeks and Colin Walton with Andy Soars working hard. Colin sailed closer to the wind while the others went for speed. There was an unusual wind direction from the East and NE, with some nice gusts and changes making it a challenge every time.

The two Grunges were in Oxford and Cambridge Blue, with swing rig gizmos.   John was disappointed as his winch gave up at race 8, with the white winch setup lead shorting in the bilge. Mike was back on form after a 2 year gap, with his Starkers and just good sailing, no expensive new badge engineering for him.  Andy was in first place twice except it slipped away due to the flukey conditions.

The weather has turned beastly again, which did not stop the Wednesday working party from permanently repairing the steps down to the jetty by removing the rotten timber and fitting proper concrete fronts.  There are 4 more steps to entirely refurbish the staircase, providing at least 30 years more life.  It is safe and level now.  We braved the cold to race IOMs a little but the wind cut through us by the end, despite being reinforced with Nancy’s coffee, in the warm cabin.

Anyone planning to sail this weekend should contact the others first as the weather does not encourage racing for fun.  I hope that a team can go from manor Park to Stanton lakes on Sunday 9th December for the next Midlands IOM competition to build on our promising start at Bournville.  The MYA AGM on Saturday in Warrington will be interesting for picking up yacht stands, mitt boxes, buying deck patch or even new yachts and sails.  I know that Graham and possibly Garry are going.

I am building up the energy to apply for a grant towards the floating jetty again, with the help of Peter Pallet, in composing an application, to meet every criteria of Sport for England.  The Rugeley Model Boaters are showing great racing promise with their new DF95s.  On Mondays, sat down at the clubhouse picnic benches, 14.00 onwards if anyone wants to join.



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Saturday 3rd November

This is the start of Winter sailing and the winter league.  A dedicated team of 4 honed their skills in preparation for Bournville the next weekend with B suits of sails. It was followed by the AGM where everyone participated.  The minutes have been circulated and posted to Noel and Cyril.



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MPRSC IOM Summer League – Summary

A bright partially sunny morning greeted the 6 skippers for the final Summer League race of 2018.

The wind was virtually non existent on arrival but fairly quickly started from the South West and remained all day with wind speeds of between 4 to 10 mph.

Whilst varying in direct a few points there were some large holes which caught out most skippers through the day.

The course again remained all day and was a beat to buoy 3, a reach/run to buoy 5, a reach/run to buoy 7,  a sausage to buoys 3 and 7 followed by a short beat to the finish line in front of the jetty.

Another good event with no disagreements, but concentration was key due to the varying wind and the occasional holes.

Winner of the day was John Smith (Britpop) on 12 points, second Mike Weeks (Viper) on 21 points and third Graham Whalley (V9) on 25 points.

Since this was the last event of the Summer League the winner for 2018 is Graham Whalley having sailed in all of the races.


mprsciomsummerleague-2018 final


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