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Wednesday 11th September

Another friendly, chatty, days racing, with plenty of flukey wind and sunshine. Graham braved it round a pileup on the M6 and new member Mike Holmes is joining us from Cromford, out Matlock way. It was great to have Sandra and Bill Smith, who are now sailing one yacht as a team.

It was exhausting stuff in the strong gusts. I really don’t understand why strong winds are a lot more effort, as the radio and the yacht do all the work. Martin had brought his new A rig Zvonko sails. It was soon evident that the wind was building from the West to make only B rig acceptable. Nancy picked up some of our buoy debris and Don jambed his rudder. Soon sorted. Sail settings were crucial to get the fast tacking right.

On to Barts Little Boat Bash this Sunday 15th, where the sailing and cake start from 10.00. There will be a number of DF95s available for anyone to have a go. It will be a big test of the new smart control area and jetty, which will have all its handrails and ramp sorted today.


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Summer Series 1st September

The first day of Autumn, Round 5 the penultimate race of the Summer League and a bright sunny day with plenty of wind.

Six skippers facing a gusty West to North West wind with plenty of variability in both strength and direction, giving quite a challenge for racing.

A few large grey clouds during the afternoon giving some light showers. One heavier shower resulting in all skippers retiring to the hut for a chat.

Plenty of banter, some heavy gusts of wind well over the top of Number 1 rig, the odd collision, a few breakdowns making it an interesting race round. 

For the first time in the series we had a line starter and a scorer in Roy.

Winner on the day and now the series leader was Graham sailing his new boat, second Andy and third Rob.

Finally, this race being first round of the series using our new rather excellent launch platform.


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Summer Series 4th August

Rob Radbourne moves into a well deserved lead to date, due to a consistent performance on the water. John Smith returned to show us how a detailed sail setting approach can give great boat speed, before dashing back to his restaurant. This allowed Graham to win on the day.


Posted by: colclock | July 25, 2019

IOM racing Wednesday 24th July

The nine skippers included two new members, Don Charlesworth and Malcolm Yeomans. Les and Jean Cleaver are now regular visitors.

Don was unbeatable at the start of the day, until he tired, when Colin and Graham took over the leadership. Martin, with the aid of the biggest ever aero radio transmitter (approx 600mm square), harried the leaders. Malcolm and Les were always close, with the whole fleet finishing within 30 seconds of each other. “Helping ” Roy with advice always slows him down. The standard of Nancy and David’s sailing means that they have exciting races. A lovely breeze meant no one wanted to go home.

Looking forward to the new jetty arriving next Wednesday 31st July and maybe we will get to try it out in the afternoon as well?


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IOM Summer league Sun 7th July

The forecast for wind strength up to 17 mph did not materialise, in fact, it was occasionally up to about 4mph combined with drifting conditions. The wind direction was, one could say, all over the place.

Apart from the wind or lack of it, the sun was out with the occasional large cloud giving a break from the heat, so a very pleasant day weatherwise.

Plenty of banter, no disagreements, numerous course changes, the occasional collision with buoys and a long course giving everyone a chance to catch up on the fleet, so a typical event.

Notably all skippers had a last finishing position and the results were very close. 

After two and a half hours and completing six heats, the wind finally ceased to exist so it was decided to finish the round.


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Summer IOM League Sun 2nd June

It was a brisk A-suit day with really challenging shifts. Darin’s courses are always good, using extra white buoys for the start, then over to the left of the island sticking to Port rounding. Andy Soars, our newest member showed great form, as Graham, returned reinvigorated from his sunshine on holiday, could not quite match the leading perfection of Darin’s sails and performance. Mike reckons that he needs more practice, while Rob’s fine starts meant that he did not always see the shifts. Really close racing all round with no one hogging the limelight. What rain?

There is more training on getting to the start on time at Sutton Coldfield on Thursday 11th July, with cake. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


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