This is the home of Radio Sailing at Manor Park Sailing Club.

We have an excellent water, with elevated unrestricted views over the course. To read the latest news from our club, about us or our members click on the Latest News tab.

Or see below for more details about us and Radio Sailing.

Manor Park Radio Sailing Club, an Introduction.

Anyone who has been to the Manor Park Sailing Club on a Wednesday afternoon or Saturday will have seen a small but happy group of people at the top end of the boat park looking out onto the lake; this is the Manor Park Radio Sailing Club. The MPRSC have now been an active section of the MPSC for over 2 years

To call us the Model Yacht section is a bit of a misnomer, as the yachts that we sail are not models or scale replicas of large yachts but are highly competitive radio controlled racing sailboats. The particular class that is raced at Manor Park is the International One Metre; this class is recognized by the ISAF under its radio sailing division and is sailed around the world. At first glance these boats may look the same but there are only a few dimensions that have to be common to each boat, the main ones being:

Maximum overall length 1000mm

Maximum draft of 420mm

Minimum total weight 4kg (Excluding burgee!)

Three closely controlled sailing rigs

This allows the top sailors and designers to produce a range of designs within the one class. (There is a website on the internet that has a database of designs listing over 215 different designs currently.) The same CAD software that the top keelboat designers’ use is used by IOM designers, in fact some of the top round the world yacht designers have designed IOM yachts.

With three closely controlled sailing rigs, a maximum overall length and weights which are kept to within grams of the minimum weight, the emphasis is on boat set up and control, with even the smallest of changes in mast rake or sail camber being “felt” by the skipper. Once you get over the concept of sailing from the shore rather than in the boat, there isn’t really a lot of difference in the racing, the course that we sail is the Olympic standard “triangle and sausage” we race to the same standard racing rules with a few minor amendments. In fact the only real difference is that we can get up to 16 races in a day.

If this has “wetted your appetite” please contact us via the contacts page. Visiting skippers are always welcome, and new comers can be provided with a boat for a trial sail.

If you are new to model yachting and would like further details try http://mya-uk.co.uk/